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  • Sector: Electronic Technology
  • Industry: Electronic Equipment/Instruments
  • Employees: N/A

Emerson Electric Co. is a global technology and software company, which engages in the provision of solutions. It operates through the following segments: Final Control, Measurement and Analytical, Discrete Automation, Safety and Productivity, Intelligent Devices, and Software and Control. The Final Control segment focuses on providing control, isolation, shutoff, pressure relief, pressure safety valves, actuators, and regulators for process and hybrid industries. The Measurement and Analytical segment involves the instrumentation measuring the physical properties of liquids, gases, pressure, temperature, level, flow, acoustics, corrosion, pH, conductivity, water quality, toxic gases, and flame. The Discrete Automation segment includes solenoid, pneumatic, valve position indicators, pneumatic cylinders and actuators, air preparation equipment, pressure and temperature switches, electric linear motion solutions, programmable automation control systems and software, electrical distribution equipment, and materials joining solutions. The Safety and Productivity segment consists of pipe-working tools: pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, pipe threading and roll grooving equipment, battery hydraulic tools for press connections, drain cleaners, tubing tools and diagnostic systems, including sewer inspection cameras and locating equipment. The Software and Control segment processes by collecting and analyzing information from measurement devices in the plant and using that information to adjust valves, pumps, motors, drives, and other control hardware. The company was founded by Charles Meston and Alexander Meston on September 24, 1890, and is headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

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